Eric Leith

Lead Staff Instructor


Eric W. Leith has been a PGA of America member for over twenty-five years. During that time, he has been employed as a Head Golf Professional at three locations throughout the south. His passion for golf is focused on the opportunities in the teaching arena, from the tiniest tykes, up to and including 80-year old kids. Having majored in Elementary Education at Springfield (Mass.) College, Eric has extensive formal training and over 10,000 lessons given in his background that enable him to help each student achieve his or her goals.

The philosophy at the Seth Dichard Golf School is embraced in Eric’s style of teaching. Our students all bring individual abilities, desires, body types, and histories to their lessons. To best serve their needs we must recommend changes clearly in a manner that they can comprehend and “feel” in order to successfully alter their habits. There is no ‘one size fits all’ answer to swing flaws, no ‘best’ teaching style’, and no ‘universal model’ to aspire to– Unique individuals require individual approaches.

Eric has coached players of all skill levels and is extremely comfortable in both private and group settings. Former students praise his encouraging manner and constant support of even the simplest success. The nationally renowned Hilton Head Junior Golf Academy focused Eric’s natural inclination towards Junior instruction and provided him with the specific knowledge needed for succeeding with younger golfers. The private clubs at which he served each required constant interaction with novices, intermediates, and special needs player; he has equal experience with both men and women in his teaching history.

We are here to make your golf game better, and to make golf a better game. The student requires professional input regarding much that surrounds the game in addition to swing instruction, and Eric strives to insert important information into each session. An awareness of topics like Rules, Etiquette, Equipment and Fitting, History, Current Events, and Course Management are examples of what separates a True Golfer from a range rat. Students will learn about their swing, and learn about the game.

With his wife of over 20 years, Lynn, Eric currently resides in Litchfield. They have their hand’s full tending to the never-boring needs of three wonderful kids: Katherine (class of ‘09 at Campbell HS), and boy-girl twins Hayden and Evan (Campbell ‘11).


All non-playing sessions may include the V1 Digital Video Coaching System, GC2 Launch Monitor/Simulator and/or the K-Vest 3D Technology.

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